The Greatest Secret of Success: Your Passion Quotient


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The rich and the famous, the movers and shakers are not necessarily high school toppers. Nor do they hold great college degrees. They are successful because they can generate enthusiasm at will, in themselves as well as in their colleagues. The Greatest Secret of Success talks about the most important strength of human beings, which sets apart successful people from the unsuccessful ones. What is your Passion, how do you identify your likes and dislikes and make it into a viable profession is what this book can teach you. It is not Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but your Passion Quotient (PQ) that will take you to the pinnacle of success and this book will show you how to raise your Passion Quotient for achieving this success. This book will enable you to tap the Passion within you, which is the inner most motivator that helps in identifying your strengths, capabilities and align them together for success. It will also help you in experimenting with your hidden talent and creativity.

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