Menaka – मेनका

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Beautiful to behold, Menaka magazine in its new avatar has blown the readers away with insightful but light-hearted content. The magazine is bold, cheeky, informative and ahead of the pack. We are taking our relationship with readers to a new level with the launch of a new trendy section, Menaka 2 crafted essentially for the mobile generation. Produced monthly, this special section captures everything our readers love to read and cherish, in a format that offers readers and advertisers more value for their money. A few highlights of Menaka are as follows:
• A special interview of a woman in a conventional or non-conventional profession.
• Columns on Health and fitness, Food, Relationships by subject matter experts
• A special coverage of topics in focus and prominence to people in limelight.
• A special section on China – mapping development, progress and the country’s ambition to conquer the world.
• Special focus on adventure, romantic and detective fictional stories.

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