LibraryMantra is the next generation library with fusion of traditional and online library services. We provide Corporate Solutions to enable businesses by providing access to their employees to our collection of thousands of books across various categories without the hassles of administration effort and savings on space, people and technology costs.

PersonalDevelopmentProfessional & Personal Development

It’s a proven fact that book reading helps in personal development along with enhancement of professional skills and knowledge. Employees can access our collection of books, magazines, digital books to meet their professional and personal development needs. With an access to various categories like Business & Economics, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Personal Development & Self-Help, Fiction & Nonfiction;  employees are involved in ongoing development process.

Our solutions – Simple and Cost-Effective

Our collection & your passion can make a positive difference at your workplace.


  • Simple plans for employees and their families
  • Selection from our vast collection
  • Book Delivery at your workplace or employee’s residence
  • Reports and Usage analytics

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